In order to have the life you desire, you need to be intentional about what you want (more friendship, more fun, more peace).

  1. At the start of your day, pick one thing you want more of, for this example, Peace.
  2. Write down your intention: ” It is my intention to experience peace many times today”.
  3. Now, think and say out loud “I am so grateful and thankful for all the Peace in my life” (as though it has already happened).
  4. Think and say #2 and #3 a minimum of two more times during your day. (afternoon and in the evening before bedtime, for instance).
  5. Throughout the day, use your conscious mind to NOTICE (Attention!) all the ways that Peace is showing up in your life. Make a written note each time you notice; or pause and think “I am so grateful that I am aware of Peace, right now.”

Congratulations! You have put your Attention on your Intention and you are experiencing more Peace. Do this every day for a week with focus on one thing and you will be amazed. Go ahead, try it!. Have more.

Be Well!