Talks and Classes*
spacerSharing Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique includes teaching underlying concepts and tools that you can use to achieve your goals and increase your happiness. You will be able to share what you learn with family and friends to reduce discomfort and support their goals for wellness.

Vision Board Workshop: 3 hours
spacerUse pictures to recruit subconscious support to achieve your goals. Learn techniques to clear unconscious barriers and provide you with daily support. All supplies provided.
Location: In your home or business, or contact us to be notified when the next community class is scheduled. Put “Vision Board” in the subject line.

Family B.E.S.T.: 2 hours
spacerLearn powerful energy balancing techniques in a small hands-on class! You can learn to assist family members and friends; avoid unnecessary trips to hospital emergency rooms and reduce discomfort associated with stress, illness or injury. Course fee includes Family B.E.S.T. Study Program [2 DVDs, 3 CDs and a Study Guide]
Location: In your home, or contact us to be notified when the next community class is scheduled. Put “Family BEST” in the subject line.

B.E.S.T. Living: 1 hour
spacerReady to enjoy a thriving, healthy life? B.E.S.T. Living explores each of the 6 Critical Areas for our Life: What we Eat, What we Drink, How we Exercise, How we Rest, How we Breathe, and How and What we Think about.  B.E.S.T. Living is a free talk, participants can purchase the B.E.S.T. Living Study Guide to use for themselves, their families or in a group study and support format.
Fee: Presentation is Free.  Study Program can be purchased. [8 CDs, pH test kit and Study Guide.] No purchase required for lecture attendance. Perfect for your club or group – contact us to schedule a presentation. Put “BEST Living” in the subject line.

*All Classes can be custom-designed for a club or work group. Please contact me to make arrangements or discuss a customized presentation to suit your needs.