“Neurons that fire together wire together.”

—Carla Shatz, neuro-scientist, summarizing behavioral psychologist, Donald Hebb.

Our brain is like an open field yielding to repeated footsteps until there is an well-worn path. Composed of millions of potential neural connections, our brain uses repeated conscious thought until it takes no effort to recite the alphabet, remember all the U.S. State Capitols or perform basic mathematical calculations. This is fundamental to the process of learning that we will use throughout our lives.

The neurons that are firing together create high speed networks in our brains for productive learning and helpful daily routines. Sadly, the same neurons are also firing and wiring with negative patterns of thought and emotion, such as: “I am not very smart” or “I am not loveable” creating a deeply-worn emotional path of worthlessness.

When this pattern exists your brain is using your sight, hearing, taste, touch and aroma sensory tools to collect all the evidence it can of worthlessness that ‘prove’ the ‘truth’ of this belief. Each belief is lurking out of sight in your subconscious brain. These are the patterns that can take you down, blowing holes in your goals for wellness, financial success and supportive, productive relationships. Let’s just take a deep breath here. It doesn’t have to be this way. Those beliefs can be replaced – because they are just thoughts,  a pattern of thinking and emotion in your brain.

Correcting a negative thought pattern has three main requirements: 1) Commitment or Intention to Change 2) Conscious and Repeated Effort 3) Emotional Support. This is what happens when individuals use B.E.S.T. to change their lives. The Practitioner guides each person through the process of releasing old thought patterns and provides tools to prevent these patterns from returning.

The BEST news of all: you can shape your thoughts to become the person that you have always wanted to be.